For the total development of the human being, solitude as a means of cultivating sensitivity becomes a necessity.
J. Krishnamurti

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

energy information is always truthful... and stories on letting go

disclaimer: time limit on this computer and so the spelling is outrageous. good luck ....
so last we spoke i had landed safely and was wisked into a frenzy that is india. SO second night i spent with tracy's freind karsh. I had been tramping through dehli in the rain and mud and cow shit and had not changed my muddy pants. Lucky for me karsh takes me to a really nice bar in dehli, super fancy diamonds and beautiful music and drinks. Ok were not in the slums here and i am felling way out of place, part one of letting go.
After way to many long islands we get in the car, yes i nkloe part 2 of letting... mom dony go into cardiac arrest after readubg this. We go to a birthday party in dehli. A great house party with full on Indian youth dancing and smoking. I was taught some trditional hindu dance moves that went very will with j-zay, shakira and m&m. I love this country. BY now it is 3am and my train to Agra leaves at 6am.

Karsh in his infniite Indian wisodom says no problerm i will get you there in the moring, now we rest at my friends house. long story short i wake up about 4:30 am from my 'rest' in a frenzy trying not to wake up the other bodies all spread over te ground. we get in the car. of course i am in apanic. we have to get all te way to dehli train sation which is a zoo and i have no clue how the trains work.

PArt 3 letting go. about 15 minutes into the drive to my hotel karsh decides he is too tired. he calls me a cab and drops me off in the middle of no where at some radisson outsiode dehli. I am dying inside. he can tell my energy level has just shifted and i am about to fing blow up. The entire time he is lijke chill youll make. it. i levae mad. in the taxi over to the hotel i am staying there uis ahuge trafic jam, i now have 15 mintes to pack, get to tarin and borad. not easy. we get tio hotel, i am dripping in sweat, i gran b my stuff, say good bye, run to thee train staion, about 6 blocks in broken strets and then go to the wriong platform.

part 4 letting go. my energy is no frantic. i am lost. this old as dirt man looks at me, throws a rag on his head, thorws by bag on his head and we run. he is howling yip, yo, bahgh, all kinds of stuff and we ae running over children, dogs, humans. we get to the car. I hop ion like a wild monkey as it pulls away. and the old man jumps off as i tos ruppes out the window. I then look around at teh entire car of people looking at me like i am nuts, obvisouly i am, and all i can do is smile. In a puddle of sweat, my bags everehere, all i can do is smile. i think of karsh who left pissed off at and i am like fo course, lesson for the day, trust in india, she is in control, not you.

 that smile of which has not been my last are ever abundant ad free.  here when you catch the glimpse of a smile from a small child as she peeks beneth her mothers flownig sari, it is breath taking. The quite exchanges i make here with nods, hand gestures and smiles are truly magical. Like my last tarin from agra to jaipur. I meet this amazing family and all we did was smile.

My journal is now filled with pictures fro Yosha. A 4 year old girl who made herlsef right at home as we road from agra to jaipur. she was like a moneky hagning from the overhead luggage carts and i told her father that he had a little monkey and he said 'you have no idea.' i quikly wisked out my journal and any colorful pen adn asked yosha to come draw- a lesson i learned form my own mother, when traveling with children bring stuff fro them to do or else they will be swinging like monkeys in trains or in zanni and my case, over the grand canyon. Anyhow for the next 5 hours we drew, took photos and played. She was a gem, all squirmy and silly. i would draw a picture with  black pen and she would color it in. "orangi colore" she would say. Her family and i spoke, the father spoke english, we shared biscutes,  tea,  mango slices and chapati. we laughed and drew and took pictures. going with the flow.

final thought.. met the indian version of daniele ramazzoti minus the joints, what a riot. His favorite saying, just like daniele " everting is possible" in india this could not be more true.

off to a movie with this aussie girl and her hinud boyfreind.

have I told you I miss you. I love you and your in my thoughts.


  1. Finally, a posting! Your dad and I have been on pins and needles thinking the worst things that could have happened. Even though it's only been a few days, we managed to construct any number of dire scenarios. I'm going to give in to Mother India and trust you are OK. You can handle the craziest situation with your beautiful smile. Do try to keep us in the loop as much as possible, though. As much as I relish your adventurous spirit, the Mom in me needs to know you are safe. I still have nightmares about the Grand Canyon episode. Love you Baby!

  2. Blair, this is absolutely the best thing. I check in everyday. I love Tuesday's story, even with the spelling, and it makes me fill with joy for the experiences you have had and will be having, while totally missing you at the same time!!!! Love you girl! You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday!

  3. i am at work reading funny. love it! i am so proud of you. letting go is hard. i work everyday on it. i'm glad you're doing it there. ;)can't wait til the next entry. love you! xoxox

  4. Let Go!!!!Relish in all its beauty!!!!
    Waiting on pins n needles for your next post and remember - while I want you to be like water with Mother India...stay on your toes...
    All my love & prayers

  5. So good to hear from you and to get a glimpse of your trip. I'm glad that you made the train and met such a sweet family aboard. I trust that you will continue experience "traveling mercies" throughout the course of your adventure.

  6. I can visualize the whole scene....thanks for sharing your amazing adventure. YES, letting go is very hard. Trust even harder. Let the path open before you. Love you